Peter de Savary in the Lions’ Den

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First, a confession.  I am a life-long supporter of Millwall football club, the one that no one likes. So when Peter de Savary was appointed chairman I wondered why a person with his controversial business background who confesses to know nothing about soccer, should take on this onerous task of rescuing the Lions.

I had my suspicions when it was announced he has already sold and leased back the training ground; pessimists are saying he has eyes on the New Den, the club's modern ground which was built a just a few years ago.

Now, I know more of de Savary's plans..  This week he sent shareholders a 112 page document in connection with a £5m placing to put some much needed cash into the club. 

Not only does it disclose for the first time the full extent of de Savary’s financial failures of the past, it reveals a neat little option deal he has come up for himself.  Read what the Sunday Times Business News has to say.

To describe Peter de Savary as a colourful character is a serious breach of the Trade Description Act. He warrants 1,240,000 Google references… are just three I have picked at random to whet your appetite.

The Cigar Lover
Back on The Rich List
Big plans for Land’s End
Thanks for reading Big Business

David Davis


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