NHS & Vodafone bosses rewarded – for failure!

Two top bosses lost their jobs yesterday – and came away with huge rewards for failure! 


Sir Nigel Crisp, Chief Executive, (above) fell on his sword because the National Health Service is hundreds of millions of pounds in the red and the service is cracking at the seams.  His reward?  £100,000 a year pension and elevation to the House of Lords as a Life Peer.

He joined the NHS in 1986 from a background in community work, where he worked in Liverpool and Cambridgeshire, and industry. He was chief executive of various hospital trusts before taking on the NHS in December 2006.


Peter Bamford, the marketing chief of Vodafone, (above) the troubled telecoms company was pushed, largely for the company’s failure in 3G, the next-generation technology.  His reward?  £1.5 million year’s salary.  He also owns shares currently worth £6 million.

Before joining Vodafone in 1997, Bamford held senior positions with Kingfisher plc and Tesco PLC and was a director of WH Smith PLC.

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David Davis


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