Trevor Beattie – FCUK ad man with a mission


Trevor Beattie is the wonder kid of the advertising business with a mission to get his clients notice – whatever the final outcome.

His long curly hair and leather jackets is an immediate statement of his intentions but it is his approach to advertising that tells it all.

Brought up one of eight children in Balsall Heath, he has perfected the art of being a working class Brummie who can get away with anything.

He had a conventional start to his advertising career, working on everything from cornflakes to toys but it was his campaign for Wonderbras that really got him noticed by his peers, the public and the advertising authorities.

It was no surprise that as a self-proclaimed Socialist he grabbed the chance to handle the New Labour Campaign and it was a set of posters attacking Michael Howard, the then Conservative Leader that got him into hot water and they had to be withdrawn.

But the campaign that really stamped his ‘get noticed’ mantra was using FCUK in the tagline for French Connection, the retail group. It was certainly commercially successful in propelling French Connection up the awareness charts although in some countries it was banned. 

It also started to harm the company’s image in Britain and it was withdrawn last year.

This week sees the launch of his new £2.5 million  campaign for French Connection which is true to Beattie’s mantra of ‘get noticed’…. it ends with two models in a passionate kiss!

Thanks for reading Big Business.

David Davis



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