New role for John Studzinski


According to the grapevine, John Studzinski, (above) one of the City of London’s highest flyers, will be taking home £13.5m  in salary and bonuses about now and soon he will also be starting a new job.

John’s earned his bumper pay packet as co-head of investment banking at HSBC, which has dubbed itself “the world’s local bank”.  He is now reportedly to be reassigned as special adviser to chief executive Stephen Green who is to succeed Sir John Bond as chairman when he takes on the leadership of Vodaphone later this year.

HSBC started life as the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1865, but moved its headquarters to London when it bought Midland Bank in 1992. Its operations have since been unified under the HSBC brand comprising 9,500 offices in 80 countries.

Studzinski’s new role will be to help Green with the bank’s plans to expand in emerging markets, where it has so far failed to build a large investment.

At 50 and with more than 20 years in banking, Studzinksi is not the usual type of brash heavy hitting corporate banker.

He is urbane and affable, with a black book of contacts the envy of most of his rivals. He has  degrees in both sociology and biology and has given millions away to human rights causes, the homeless and the arts.   On Saturday nights he can often be seen serving up food to down and outs at a shelter he helped to set up near London’s Victoria Station.

His work for the homeless was honoured In 2000 when he received the Prince of Wales Ambassador’s Award and a year later he was made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope John Paul II.



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